Intercooler Piping

Our custom bends can also be used for intercooler piping.   We can offer a range of tube thickness including BIG TUBE sizes.

Our intercooler piping is available in Stainless, mild steel, and Aluminium bends. Most bends are available up 4 inch diameter with 3mm or 4mm thickness.

We are easily located just off the M1 motorway at Nerang in the Gold Coast with shipping Australia wide.

Angles up to 180o are available.


Visit us today to order your custom intercooler piping.



Minimum orders may apply to some bends. Polishing of bends is not included.

We have straight pipe available in 1m lengths. Welding may also be available for some bends.

Call now to place your order on 07 5596 4744, Australia wide delivery.


Custom Aluminium Bends

32mm 3mm 70mm
40mm 3mm 65mm
40mm 3mm 100mm
44.5mm 3mm 75mm
50mm 3mm 75mm
50mm 3mm 100mm
50mm 3mm 125mm
60mm 3mm 100mm
63mm 3mm 100mm
76mm 4mm 115mm
101.6mm 4mm 160mm
3" inch 4mm 115mm
4" inch 4mm 160mm















Custom Mild & Stainless Steel Bends

32mm 1.6mm 50mm
38mm 1.6mm 58mm
44.5mm 1.6mm 67mm
50.8mm 1.6mm 76mm
63mm 1.6mm 95mm
76mm 1.6mm 115mm
89mm 1.6mm 133mm
101.6mm 1.6mm 160mm
3" inch 1.6mm 115mm
31/2" inch 1.6mm 133mm
4" inch 1.6mm 160mm